How To Draw & Paint Breathtaking Seascape Scenes With These Easy Video Tutorials Taught By A Pro Artist




Dear Drawing Enthusiast,

A seascape is a landscape drawing that features the ocean and elements along the shore of the ocean.

Seascapes have been the subject of drawings and paintings for generations but recently it seems to be a hidden gem that is forgotten by budding artists.

Drawing seascapes offer challenges and artistic possibilities that make them ideal subjects for artists of all levels.

Artists who do attempt this form of drawing usually get caught up on focusing on the wrong elements which makes it hard to get a life like portrait.

Once you know the elements that will make or break your seascape you will never look back and will have more confidence in your ability. 


Avoid The Mistakes To A Disastrous Looking Seascape Drawing!


When you begin a seascape drawing, always remind yourself that you're going to draw something fluid.

This means you need to think about drawing in smooth flowing strokes therefore before you even begin drawing you have to plan and organize your drawing.

Have a think about … Where is the horizon going to be? Divide your canvas into three parts which will allow the horizon, middle ground and foreground.

Starting to sound a bit technical? That’s where we can help…

We have been working together with an established artist who knew she wanted to be an artist since the age of 5 and has worked towards that ever since.

She has attended University to earn a double major in art and speech and is currently a signature member in the Northern Hills Watercolor Society.

This is where she keeps up on art education by attending workshops and works as an illustrator for children's books.

We have teamed up together to create “Seascape Mastery”. 


Make Your Seascape Landscape Jump Right Off The Page With This …



The good news is that Seascape Mastery is generously illustrated showing you step-by-step how to make your drawings come to life.

With clear (and fun) instructions on how to draw ... you'll learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

You get 10 high definition videos with simple and easy to follow written instructions so you know exactly how to make your drawings jump off the page.

Check out what is included inside Seascape Mastery….


Video Class 1: Seeing the Levels of Water


Video Class 2: Painting a Crashing Wave and Beach


Video Class 3: Drawing a Shoreline Tonal Study



Video Class 4: Painting a Shoreline in Pastels



Video Class 5: Making a Tonal Study of a Rocky Ocean Shore



Class 6: Painting A Rocky Ocean Shore on Yupo Paper



Video Class 7: Sketching an Ocean Sunset Scene



Video Class 8: Painting an Ocean Sunset Scene



Video Class 9: Sketching Rocks on the Ocean



Video Class 10: Painting an Ocean Scene on Illustration Board



I'll Also Throw In This Additional Bonus 


As part of your order we'll also include a 7 day free trial to our brand new 'Ultimate Artist Learning Center' for exclusive customers only.

This learning center contains everything you need to know about drawing and painting from beginning to end.

We cover aspects such as

  • drawing portraits
  • painting in watercolor
  • using oil painting
  • beautiful landscape scenes
  • breathtaking seascapes
  • perspective techniques
  • photo realistic portraits
  • and much, much more

You can even submit your question to the tutor in case you get stuck as well as post your comments and feedback for others to see too.

Plus ... each month even MORE tutorials, videos and images are added to keep you up to date and progressing forward on a regular basis.

You will receive a 7 day free trial as part of your order and there is no obligation on your behalf to stay on because you can cancel anytime you wish.

As part of your order you have a 7 day free trial access to this site. After that it's just $27/mth which you can cancel anytime by emailing us at info@drawing-made-easy.com


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When you combine the drama of beautiful sunsets with the splendor of seascapes is a great way to build confidence for any aspiring landscape artist.

Once you know the techniques behind creating a life like seascape you can play around with doing underwater scene with animals and plant life.

This is really a stepping stone to be able to branch out into more detailed landscape drawings.

Well, with that said... all set to begin? Grab yourself something to draw with, something to draw on, and let's get started!

Warm Regads,

Chris Elmore
Drawing Made Easy